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CKD / SKD Generator

What does CKD and SKD stand for?
CKD stands for Completely Knock down. It means the supply of engine and alternator.

SKD stands for Semi Knock down. It means the supply of semi-assembled generators. For example, the supply of the engine and alternator mounted on the frame, with or without electric panel, supplied separately.

What are the benefits of importing CKD and/or SKD kits?

• Reduction of import duties costs
• Lower investment structure
• Reduction the cost of transport respect the one for the whole generator
• Reduction of the assembling costs
• Productivity Improvement
• Improvement of competitiveness

What are the advantages that Prime Power can offer?

• A single interlocutor instead of many suppliers
• Fast shipment.
• Competitive prices thanks to great purchasing power
• Wide range of engines and alternators
• Flexibility of combination (for example possibility to combine a 100kva engine with 130kva alternator )

Who could be interested in CKD and SKD solutions?

• Small manufacturers who may benefit of the purchasing power.
• Medium and large manufacturers who require fast deliveries and/or particular combinations, as an alternative to their traditional supply channel
• Dealers who work in countries where the import duties of whole generators are particularly high and that assemble on site using engines and alternators of primary brands guaranteed by a certificate of origin provided by us.

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