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Paralleling panel

Sunshine Intelligent Digital Automatic Parallel Connection System adopts the PLC ( programmable logic controller ) of the DSE8610 Intelligent Parallel Generating Set made by Deep Sea Electronics plc (DSE) as the logic control device to control the generating sets and the synchroswitching-in and parallel connection of the low-voltage switches of the output GCB ( Generator Circuit Breaker). It is capable of automatically controlling the startup & close-down, parallel and separating brakes of the diesel engine through internal control program and corresponding external control signal and according to the program-set control logic automatically. It can also actualize the power distribution to multiple sets and the synchronous parallel connection inspection. It combines the functions of load distribution, synchronous control, set control into one, having complete functions of sets control, monitoring and protection.


  • Product Introduction:

1.Parallel control system adopts the all-digital liquid crystal display and has remote intelligent monitoring with communication interfaces. Each unit has the automatic synchronization and automatic parallel function.
2.When the power supply load of a unit is close to 80% of the rated capacity (adjustable), the system will automatically send the "unit increase instruction" so that the standby unit automatically starts. After automatic synchronization, the automatic parallel operation is made and active load is automatically divided equally. When the power supply unit fails, the system will automatically break failed unit and send the "unit increase instruction" so that the standby unit automatically start and automatic switching is made for power supply.
3.In the case that the two units are put into use, if the total load is less than 20% (adjustable), the system will send the "unit reduction" signal, so that the operating standby unit releases loads with removal of parallel operation and automatically shuts down after maintenance operation.
4.Units up to 32 can be in parallel operation.

  • Product Features:

1. The analog logic control power is replaced by the digital mode;
2. The operation is more simple and convenient and the performance is improved;
3. Save fuel and prolong the unit life;
4. Stable power supply voltage and frequency with high quality;
5. Centralized management and more flexible power dispatching;
6. Full automatic digital control parallel operation to avoid human errors;
7. Suitable for 220 / 127V, 400/230V, 480/277V and other voltage conditions

  • Main Functions:

1. Self-provided power grid operation, unit operation or multi-unit operation
2. Voltage and frequency control;
3. Frequency and voltage comparison to achieve unit synchronization;
4. Active / reactive load distribution;
5. Startup and shutdown program control;
6. Unit detection and protection;

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